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Tiffany's puppies from her 2009 litter (only litter she ever had):

                          BRITNEY                     Katy   

           All 4 playing (3 females and one male)



All 4 drinking, eating and sleeping





 (26.07.2001 - 22.02.2016)


Julia and Mico as puppies

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  • mico

(31.08.2002 - 29.09.2014)


(05.06.2004 - 2006)

It was discovered that she has a congenital defect in the brain and behind her right eye. It appears to be some type of mass and treatment was not successful. She got progressively worse. She mostly slept and rarely ate. She had more or less isolated herself from the others and wishes to be left alone. However, she did have her good days and then she would eat and play and be in top humor. She loved to go for long walks. That's when she was most active. She really looked forward to those walks. She is probably one of the most talented chihuahuas that we have had. An exceptionally fast learner. She loved dog shows and was has been by far the most superior among our chihuahuas in presenting herself in the ring. Many thanks to Janken who had taken care of her during the last year. She got to experience a lot in those 2 years that many of our others haven't. Flying in an airplane to Kristiansand, swimming in the lakes, agility, playing in the horse stables and more.

(2004 - 11.07.2018)

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